Ok I have some slightly (according to my sisters) ocd issues with "germs" that could inhibit my camping fun but with experience I have discoverd what works for me.

1. Garden gloves - they give me superwoman strength.

2. Vinyl gloves - I can touch anything such as sewer hook ups. Yes I hook up my own sewer lines. I may youtube it just to prove it you!

3. Adult style wet ones. You'll find them in the adult diaper section. Yep that where they are! They are larger than infant ones and can clean up anything. Wipe the inside of your car down, wipe down a picnic table, cleans up anything sticky. No handsoap on the roadtrip? No problem. I keep some in the car and some in the trailer.

4. Zip Lock Bags - My camping theory is - If it fits in a 1 gallon zip lock bag put it one. I don't pack suitcases and travel bags for medicene and make up. I put everything in a separate zip lock bag and toss in the trailer or tote.

5. Storage boxes - They fit in all kinds of spaces in my trailer and I fill 'em up with clothes, extra blankets, towels, shoes. They even can stay outside and hold wood, fire starter etc. Raccoons can probably open these so slide them under your trailer or leave them in your car at night.


Think You've heard it all?

I'm working on

Tinkle Tinkle Little Star
Wish the Potties weren't so far.

There are a few delicate secrets that as soon as I can muster up enough courage I will be posting a response to the question I get asked most about Camping Like a Girl, "What do you do for a potty?"



It's no secret that part of Camping Like A Girl is decorating your trailer!

You'll see below 3 ways I hang things inside my trailer.

If you know other secrets to hang things please leave me a comment.


I found a set of 8 vintage hand embroidered cocktail napkins that matched my trailer "Vamonos" theme. Cost $5 Wow what a treasure.

You can see I hung them across cabinets using plain twine and small craft size clothespins


This skirt that went around the booth and the bed in my trailer was really a bunch of individual pieces of fabric. I took each piece and gathered it at one side and instead of sewing it I used a piece of blue painters tape to hold the gather and then tucked each piece in slight overlapping each other. This way I can change it or use the fabric for something else if want to... or I could break down and still sew a real dust ruffle with it


In this picture I wanted you to see my bandanna squares that I hung on my cabinets 3 months ago and they are still there. I used small rolled up piece of painter's blue tape so it would come off very easy and not damage the cabinet. I never dreamed it would hold this long. The bandanna squares are art paper found in the craft department at Walmart. Very inexpensive.


I learned so much from my friend Anne about decorating a trailer. Her trailer is Maxine and it is adorable. (I added her picture with her trailer MAXINE on the side panel of this page) One thing she told me about hanging things up is to use Velcro. Not just the wimpy stuff either. Some things need the commercial grade that is available at Walmart or any home improvement store.


Its important to remember if your trailer has carpeted walls only use the stiff side of Velcro on the back of what you want to hang. The carpeted wall will act as the fuzzy side and it really hangs on tight!