Kayak Queens

Some of God's best work can be seen from a kayak.

Kayaking is so peaceful it is almost spiritual. Really. You see everything from such a beautiful perspective. The water, depending on the weather or time of day, can be like glass reflecting the sky like a mirror.

Wildlife is always near by.

I don't mean snakes, alligators and sharks - not where I've been anyway. I mean amazing wildlife like dolphins, ring tailed cat, great, tri-colored, and little blue heron, egrets, cormorant, skimmers and gulls. All were either resting on the mangroves or trying to catch a fish just like I was.

You don't have to be strong to kayak.

I have little or no upper body strength so I was pretty hesitant to try it. Turns out you don't have to have big muscles. The kayak glides very easily. I have never been sore the next day from kayaking.

Your kayak isn't going to buck you off.

It's a kayak not a horse. The kind I use is an open kayak - very broad and flat - similiar to my own body shape. I have never seen anyone fall out or flip one over. Even if you did leap off - most of the time when we kayak we are in shallow water where the fish are - so you could just stand up.

You don't have to buy one.

Why own, haul, clean, and store a kayak if you aren't sure how often you'll use it. If you rent a kayak they provide you with everything. Some even have guides. Others will drop you and your kayak up stream so you can practically float back.

Kayaking is fun whether you fish or not.

Sometimes when I'm on the water I put the fishing pole down and just sit. The sounds, the sky, and the gently breeze and current can refresh you like nothing else.