Rhoni's transformed Trailer

Here is Rhoni Fields' transformed trailer. You can Facebook Rhoni and see all her pics. Great job girl!!!!


  1. i love it.. I am looking for a painter as well.

  2. Love your blog...and your sidebars are great...will be back to read more...Have a few hours to blog hop....Love nights like this.......Hope you will stop by....new giveaway on my holiday blog...A BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA!

  3. found you on Texas Bloggin gals...cute blog you have...

  4. I came here to introduce myself, because I recently joined the Bloggerette Sorority. So, hello, my name is Sherry! When I saw the name of your blog I was trying to figure out what kind of blog it was because I really did not think it would be about "Camping!" Yet it is!! I cannot wait to go through and look at your blog. My fiance and I are campers!!! Have gone every weekend for the last month, except this weekend, and are going again for a week Aug 15th. We love it! We would love to be hosts in a campsite for the summer and plan to look into it later in life. I also wanted to invite you to come visit my blog at http://scrappingwithsherry1.blogspot.com/ I am new to the blogging world. About 3 weeks, if that! And am really excited about taking part in all the fun stuff.

    I do believe that you just found yourself a new follower!

  5. Hi Janet, Your blog is great! Hope you're having a wonderful day.

    We recently got bit by the vintage trailer bug and are in the process of buying a 1968 Ace. Looking forward to the fun times!