Step 1 Find a friend or group to camp with

I live in South Texas just 30 minutes from Mexico and only 40 to South Padre Island. Growing up I spent plenty of time on the beach but we always went camping in the beautiful Texas Hill Country at Garner State Park.

As an adult I had outdoor activities that I loved such as gardening and bird watching but I still missed camping. I would shame my husband into taking me about twice a century! That changed in my early 50's when a close friend, Anne, insisted I join her a and a group of women (1400 women) from across the country who camp in vintage trailers. Having friends and or a group was the very first step in becoming a confident camper. It wasn't long before I was off on camping adventures without my (sweet) husband, (shedding) dogs or ("What? They don't have internet here???") kids.

I included a short list of camping groups that you might enjoy. Some I'm familiar with but not all. You can shop around online and find a group that is a perfect fit for you. Now you can join myself and women all over the country as we learn the fun, the tricks and secrets of Camping Like a Girl!

Camping Groups for women:

Sisters On The Fly - (I'm a member of this one- too fun!)

Camping Women -

RVing Women -

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