1. I love it! Found your site from Sisters on the Fly. Girl campers are the best! Thank you for this fun site.

  2. Love this prayer... all of us sisters should have posted inside our trailer!! hugs to your dear!

  3. Very cute! We have had every type of RV there is. EIght in all. Started in a mini truck with a shell on it and now have one of those big things that eats roast beef :) But my friend Joy and I dream of getting 2 old trailers and fixing them up cute and taking off without the husbands to tour the country and hit every flea market and antique store there is. That's why we'll each need our own trailer. Too much stuff! But I'm thinking I want a new trailer that looks old, I like the insulation and a/c and cooktops they offer nowadays.
    We can dream . . . right?
    Welcome to the Sorority my friend! I'm so glad you joined in!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds