Cowgirl Crystal? Redneck Wine Glasses? Country Candelabras?

No matter what you call these they are fun to make, fun to use, and fun to give away. They are easy to make. All it takes are ball jars, dollar store candle sticks, and 6000 glue. They make cute gifts. Don't drink wine? They look precious with a candle inside. Enjoy! Oh and by the way... if you make a set you can call them anything you dang well want!

This is what JOY looks like!

Here is a pic of me on the left and my sister, Sara Lacy, doing the victory paddle wave on the right. We were on lake LBJ and had a blast. No one fell out or got hurt. Kayaking is a wonderful experience. We did see 2 snakes the next morning but they weren't poisonous. Of course if I was in the kayak when I saw them ... this pic would have been of me walking or rather running on water to get away! Thanks Sis for going with me. You make everything more fun!

Each camping trip I learn something new about camping and about myself.

I plan to share the joy with those who are just dying to know how to CAMP LIKE A GIRL!

Hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do!

Janet Magee

Campers Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray this trailer doesn't leak

If I should die before I wake
Can I bring my trailer- for Heaven's sake?

Imagine camping among the stars
Tonight on Jupiter tomorrow Mars

Free water, electric, and sewer too
And all the campsites are pull-thru

My angelic trailer shining bright
Would light the skies on summer nights

Not shooting stars the world would see
But my small, shiny, trailer pulled by me

Written for my Dad who said,

"Heaven is just one big Garner State Park".

At a camping trip my cousin and her small girls slept in a tent with an airconditioner attached. I laugh everytime I think about it. She said I should be glad or they would have camped inside my trailer with me when it got hot. We were in Texas afterall!

Camp Cuisine

Part of the fun of camping with a group is eating delicious food and sharing recipes.
Here are few I collected along the way:

Okra Roll Ups - from Sara Lacy

Ham lunch meat, cream cheese(room temperature), 1 jar of pickled okra.

Take a piece of ham lunch meat and pat dry.
Spread cream cheese on ham completely
Pat dry a pickled okra and lay on edge of ham and roll it up.
evenly space 4 or 5 toothpick to secure roll up.
Slice between toothpicks and arrange on platter to make pinwheel.

Baked Potato Dip - from Sara Lacy

Mix together:
1 pint sour cream, 1 jar or package Real Bacon Bits, 1 package Ranch Dip Mix, 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese, and one bunch of chopped green onions.

Serve with potato chips. Sara says wavy chips are best cuz they are stronger.


Rhoni's transformed Trailer

Here is Rhoni Fields' transformed trailer. You can Facebook Rhoni and see all her pics. Great job girl!!!!

Step 1 Find a friend or group to camp with

I live in South Texas just 30 minutes from Mexico and only 40 to South Padre Island. Growing up I spent plenty of time on the beach but we always went camping in the beautiful Texas Hill Country at Garner State Park.

As an adult I had outdoor activities that I loved such as gardening and bird watching but I still missed camping. I would shame my husband into taking me about twice a century! That changed in my early 50's when a close friend, Anne, insisted I join her a and a group of women (1400 women) from across the country who camp in vintage trailers. Having friends and or a group was the very first step in becoming a confident camper. It wasn't long before I was off on camping adventures without my (sweet) husband, (shedding) dogs or ("What? They don't have internet here???") kids.

I included a short list of camping groups that you might enjoy. Some I'm familiar with but not all. You can shop around online and find a group that is a perfect fit for you. Now you can join myself and women all over the country as we learn the fun, the tricks and secrets of Camping Like a Girl!

Camping Groups for women:

Sisters On The Fly - (I'm a member of this one- too fun!)

Camping Women -

RVing Women -