Cowgirl Crystal? Redneck Wine Glasses? Country Candelabras?

No matter what you call these they are fun to make, fun to use, and fun to give away. They are easy to make. All it takes are ball jars, dollar store candle sticks, and 6000 glue. They make cute gifts. Don't drink wine? They look precious with a candle inside. Enjoy! Oh and by the way... if you make a set you can call them anything you dang well want!


  1. Now I am kicking myself...could have made one of those for our SoTF meet tonight! Guess I better get my gear!

  2. I made these for my brother's rehearsal dinner toast they were a big hit and a great conversation starter!

  3. Ditto,,, just made a couple for friends,,, and then I used one of those almost flat squatty canning jars and made "Hillbilly Martini" glasses....
    Gotta luc 'em...
    I spotted some at the "Big-R" and they were priced at $12.95..... :>) out like our price better! :>)